Industrial Filter Bags Manufacturer

Ami Enterprise is a primary corporation engaged in the domain of filtration media with immense experience. With expertise in the filtration technology, we have an amazing range of solutions for the liquid and air filtration challenges. Our motive is to manufacture quality assured products for our precious customers.

Since 1994 we have been engaged in manufacturing oil filters, air filter bag, water filters, and all kinds of industrial filter bag in India for oil gas industry, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, chemical, textile, food and other industries. We are engaged in exporting the filters manufactured by us. We offer a marvelous collection of products including liquid filter bag, air filter bag, water filter, duplex basket filter, oil filters, fuel pump filter bag, Power pack Oil Filter Element and other products. Evidently, we are one of the foremost filter bag manufacturers in India. We provide high quality products and commendable services to our customers widely. Using innovative technologies and authentic raw components, the entire range of premium products are fabricated. We are among the prominent Industrial Filters manufacturers in India.  Moreover, we are one of the best Industrial Filter Bag Supplier in India. Manufacturing of varieties of superior quality filter bags for filtration process in the industries and courteous exporting services are provided by Ami Enterprise.

Industrial Filter Bags Supplier

Filter bags that are used in various industrial applications usually for the filtration process are Industrial Filter Bags. The filter bags are designed to eliminate the contaminant and unwanted components from the liquids. Based on the micron ratings, the filter bag removes the contaminants of desired amount and sizes. We offer an extensive range of filtration products, available in various materials, sizes and designs to fulfill the customers’ applications. Various industries such as automotive, mining, pharmaceutical, wastewater, food and chemical industries use the filter bags. We have served the industrial filter bags to considerate the following industries. Our industrial filter bags are appreciated for their excellent qualities and brilliant features. Thus, we are a tremendous industrial filter bags manufacturer and with our considerate services we are a responsible industrial filter bags supplier and Air Filter Bags Manufacturer in India.

Industrial Filter Cartridges Manufacturer

The industrial filter cartridges are used when high purity filtration is required.  The filter cartridge is the equipment that is used in the filter bags to filter out the unnecessary particles in the liquids. The filter cartridge is used by various industrial sectors such as ester treatment, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food & beverages. Commonly, the cartridges are used to filter the impurities and purify the liquids, solvents and water. The industrial filter cartridges are available in variety of sizes, designs and types to suit the applications widely. Usually, the filter cartridges are made with polypropylene or spun polyester. The filter cartridges are mostly placed inside the tanks for purification process of the liquids. The filter cartridge filters the impurities effectively. We offer an admired collection of varieties of industrial filter cartridges for diverse applications. Our manufactured filter cartridges are appreciated for their great designs and effective filtration. Thus, we are a finest filter cartridges manufacturer in India. We offer various cartridges including Spun Bonded Filter Cartridges, Wound Filter Cartridges, PP Pleated Filter Cartridges, Carbon Filter Cartridges, Oil Adsorbing Filter Cartridges, Resin Bonded Filter Cartridges, Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges.

Industrial Filter Housings

To keep up with the growth and development of the market, we are actively engaged in offering a commendable collection of filter housings used in various industries. The filter housings are used to filter liquids having high viscosity of large volume. For highly precise filtration applications, the filter housings are used. Various applications such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, swimming pool and other pure water treatments use the filter housings. The filter housings are valued for their high efficiency. We manufacture the Industrial filter housings with a variety of materials, in different sizes and excellent designs. We are a leading Pocket Filter Manufacturer in the industry. We are considered as one of the top-notch industrial water filter housing manufacturers in India. We manufacture polypropylene filter housings. To provide high purity filtration, we are engaged in supplying the industrial filter housings manufactured with ultra modern technologies and innovative features to our precious customers for diverse applications.

Industrial Filter Cartridges for Chemical Industry

Industrial Filter Cartridges for Chemical Industry

We are specialized in the filtration domain in the industry, our range of industrial filter cartridges are widely used in the chemical industry. The precision and performance of the filters are very important factor in the chemical industry. Effectively high purity filtration is required in the chemical sector. The filter cartridges are used in the filtration system for efficiently purifying the chemical components. For the production of varieties of liquids, pastes and other chemical substances, the filtration process is important. We are presenting an extensive range of filter cartridges of standard quality for the chemical applications due to the growing demand of filter cartridges in the chemical industry. With offering a qualitative range, we are one leading filter cartridges manufacturer in India. We offer guaranteed high performance of the industrial filter cartridges.

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Industrial Filter Bags for Water Treatment

Filter bags are ideal for high flow rate and high temperature especially for viscous liquid. We have expertise in manufacturing the filter bags for water treatment. Admirable assembly of standard filter bags is offered by our organization. We are associated in manufacturing and exporting varieties of filter bags for industrial water treatment. Various sizes of water filter bags are produced with premium quality material. They are suitable for filtering vicious liquids having high impurities. The filter bag helps to effectively purify the liquids at low estimate. A complete selection of filter bags to suit the requirements of our valuable customers are presented. Industrial water filter bag is an ideal choice for medium and rapid flow rates of water. The filter bags are made with different materials, in various sizes for desired capacities. To ensure the quality of the filter bags we offer, we manufacture the filter bags with high quality materials. We are engaged in exporting the industrial filter bags for water treatment in several industries to clients in India and overseas.

industrial air filters

Industrial Air Filters

The industrial air filters are designed to improve the quality of air in a system by removing the contaminants and other solid particles. The air filter is having a sturdy construction with a filter media to filter the impurities in the air. Industrial air filters are used where extreme filtration is required. We are the finest air filter bags manufacturer of India. Custom-designed air filters are also manufactured as per the specifications. The team of our experts designs the air filters with innovative designs and superior technologies to provide a wide assortment of industrial air filters suitable for diverse applications. Industrial air filters we offer is used in several industries such as food industry, pharmaceuticals, mining industry, chemical industry, and many others for purifying the air. Perfectly designed air filters are available in various sizes and capacities. We are a foremost air filter bag manufacturer in industry. Offering optimal filtering solutions, we have excellent collections of varieties of air filters for the industrial applications.

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Industrial Water Filter Housing

Basically, the water filter housing is designed for the drop-in water filter cartridges with a container for the filtration of water. Housings are generally made of heavy duty plastic or stainless steel. We have specialized in producing the water filter housing. Thus, we are one of the well known industrial water filter housing manufacturers In India. Our range of water housing filters can be availed in various sizes according to the water applications. The water filter housing is fabricated from fine grade raw materials to ensure quality assured filter housing to the customers. Industrial Water filter housing is well appreciated for the effective filtration process. We have a wide collection of industrial water filter housing suitable for the required applications.

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With immense experience in the filtration system, we are able to offer quality certified indutrial filter bags for various applications in the industries. To keep up with the rapid development, we offer an innovative range of filtration solutions. The main objective is to offer the best quality filter bags to our esteem customers. We have a team of specialists to provide admirable designs and customized filters for various applications. We aim to grow and modify our services to achieve customer satisfaction internationally. We have successfully served utmost industrial filters to numerous industries.

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