Duplex Basket Filter Manufacturer

Duplex basket filter are suitable for removing large unwanted particles or impurities from the piping system. The duplex basket filter consists of two baskets of filter housings. To divert the flow of the liquid to filter, a valve handle is placed between the two filters. These filters also perform cleaning operations. They are widely used by applications of liquid system. Duplex basket filter are designed as the flow cannot be interrupted for cleaning a basket. The duplex basket filter are used by several industries including mineral industry, pharmaceutical industry, marine industry, food industry, water treatment, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, oil & gas industry. We are one of the leading duplex basket filter manufacturers of India. The quality of our basket filter is incredible as it is manufactured by our professional manpower with high grade materials. We are engaged in exporting services to provide our clients the best services and to achieve customer satisfaction.


  • Continuous flow
  • Low Pressure Loss
  • Rugged & Compact Design
  • Cost Effective
  • Heavy wall construction
  • Large capacity baskets