PTFE Filter Cartridges Manufacturer

The PTFE filter cartridges are used to filter organic compounds and aggressive acids. Basically, this filter is used to handle the components that are critical and aggressive in nature. The polypropylene building of the cartridges offers excellent thermal as well as chemical compatibility with chemicals having low and high pH. PTFE filter cartridges are designed to sterile filter the liquid, air and gas applications. This filter cartridge is widely used in pharmaceutical applications. The PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) filter cartridge is the safest option for food and pharmaceutical applications to offer maximum purity to the content. Additionally, the PTFE is ideal for highly corrosive substances. They are best suitable for critical applications in chemical plants, pharmaceutical sector, food industry, etc. The filter cartridges we manufacture are tested on all parameters prior to the delivery. With using advanced technologies in the fabrication of the filter cartridges, it ensures consistent and efficient performance.


  • Excellent chemical compatibility.
  • High pressure capabilities.
  • Superior flow rates.
  • Low pressure drops.
  • High contaminant removal efficiency.
  • Long service life.
  • Cost-effective.