Casted Basket Strainers Manufacturer

The casted basket strainers consist of basket for storing huge quantity of impurities. To carry out effective filtration a large size basket is used to cover more area. The basket strainers offer excellent dirt holding capacities based on the varied sizes of the basket. Cast construction on the basket strainers is varies on the factors. We offer robust casted basket strainers produced from fine materials. We have proficiency in manufacturing the filters and strainers for various industries. Presenting a wide selection of casted basket strainers assortment with diverse designs and technical features to match various applications, we are one of the foremost manufacturer of casted basket strainers. A unique feature of the casted basket strainer is quick cleaning of the filter. To suit various applications of the customers, we are engaged in manufacturing the casted basket strainers as per the specifications. Furthermore, we offer delivery of the casted backed strainers in various places of India and aiming to serve utmost international clients.


  • High Filtration Area.
  • High dirt holding capacity.
  • Low Pressure drop.
  • Excellent filtration.
  • Compact size.
  • Competitive price.