String Wound Filter Cartridge Manufacturer

Generally, the string wound filter cartridges are designed for filtering by reducing the contamination in liquids. The string wound cartridges are used in various applications in bottled water, for steam generation in boiler feed water, electroplating and anodizing solutions, pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries, in textile for process water, oil & gas production, heat exchangers & cooling towers, water softening pre-filtration & reverse osmosis. With brilliant experience in the filrati0n media industry, we are one of the prominent string wound filter cartridge manufacturers of India. Excellent range of string wound cartridges with variety of designs and sizes are available. Our main aim I to serve the customers with our valuable and effective string wound filter cartridges in India as well as internationally. Our ranges of string wound cartridges offer great reliability, standard filtration performance and efficient results in the applications. We aim to achieve utmost customer satisfaction with our filter cartridges.


  • Quality assured filter cartridge.
  • Precisely designed and manufactured.
  • Minimum media migration
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Long service life
  • Structural stability