Powder Sintered Filter Cartridge Manufacturer

The powder sintered filter cartridges offer brilliant performance in separating the particles from the fluids. This filter cartridges works for liquid, solids and even gaseous streams in various industries. This filter cartridge is produced from metal fibers of metal powders. The powder sintered filter cartridge is commonly used in petrochemical industry, chemical processing and power generation industries. Basically, the removing of particulate from the streams for various applications mostly separation of products or other requirements is carried out by powder sintered filter cartridges. Sintered bronze filter element is available. Our range of manufactured powder sintered filter cartridges offer high particle removing efficiency, long term services, and effective filtration capacities. Additionally, it provides mechanical strength, anti-corrosive nature, and highly reliable for critical applications. Based on the dirt holding capacity, the long service life of the filter cartridges are determined. All the filter cartridges are quality tested and inspected regarding all the parameters to offer the finest powder sintered filter cartridges to our honored customers.


  • Flawless designs.
  • Efficient filtration performance.
  • Capable of handling critical operations.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Wide chemical compatibility.