Melt Blown Filter Cartridges Manufacturer

The melt blown filter cartridges are generally designed in a cylindrical shape with the premium polymer fibers. They are also identified as spun cartridge filter/ spun bonded cartridge filter. This filter cartridge performs the following functions such as blowing fibers, spinning cartridge and rotating spindle to control the spun according to the desired quality. Usually, the melt blown filter cartridges are engineered with polypropylene. The gradient density is the main factor in the melt blown filter cartridges as the gradients help in keeping hold of the huge particles and prevents the filter from clogging. This also promotes in the efficiency of the filters as clogging is prevented and the consistency of the filter is maintained. Due to its reliability, this filter cartridge is widely used in food & beverages industry, PCB industry, chemical and solvents, RO water pre-filtration, waste water treatment, petrochemical industry, electronics and various other sectors. We have successfully supplied a wide range of melt blown filter cartridges in various industries in India and overseas. These filter cartridges are highly appreciated for its efficiency and quality features as they are fabricated with fine materials. Thus, we are a renowned melt blown filter cartridges manufacturers in India.


  • Long service life.
  • Manufactured with pure polypropylene fibers.
  • Offers high efficiency.
  • Standard reliability.