Self-cleaning Filter Manufacturer - by Ami Filters

The self-cleaning filter is an automatic filter which is capable of cleaning itself by using backwashing technique. Based on the flow rates, type of fluid and the rate of filtration, this self cleaning filter can be utilized. The impurities and the unwanted particles are automatically driven out. The backwashing process takes place frequently till the dirt is removed to keep the filter clean. To restore the fluid that is ejected along with the dirt, a recovery filter is placed. The production rates rises owing to its self-cleaning designs. The industrial self-cleaning water filters are manufactured with the best quality materials to offer high efficient performance. Our range of self-cleaning filters are used in sewage treatment, farming applications, water treatment, food processing industry, electricity generation. The self-cleaning filters are exported in numerous industries.


  • Compact Unit
  • Full Utilization of Filtration Area
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Less Space for Installation
  • Fully Automatic
  • Least Maintenance