Strainers Basket Type Conical Filters Manufacturer

For the purification of a liquid or gas element by separating the solid impurities with the help of a strainer is a type of filtration process. The strainers are used to avoid the solid bodies from mixing in the flow line. There are various types of strainers available for different filtration. The basket type strainer is ideal for large impurities and to cover large surface area depending on the size of the strainer. The cleaning of the basket strainer is easier as the impurities are collected in the basket. The different type of basket strainer is Y Type strainer filter, strainers basket type conical filters, T type strainer, etc. The basket strainers enhance the flow rates and offers large surface area. We are one of the leading strainer filter manufacturers in the industry.
We manufacture the basket conical strainer for industrial and commercial applications. This strainer removes useless particles from the liquid, gas or steam. In addition, to prevent the valves, pumps, regulators, meter and other equipments from harmful particles this strainer is installed in the pipelines. The strainers undergo the testing on all parameters to ensure reliable qualities and features. We are the foremost manufacturer and supplier of strainers basket type conical filters in India.


  • Good construction.
  • High Grade Materials.
  • Long-Lasting Service.
  • Efficient filtering performance.